Cake Flavors

This is a sample of cakes that Premier Pastry can provide.
The choices are not limited to this listing. We will be happy to discuss any variations.


Raspberry Almond Torte

White cake layered with Amaretto buttercream,
a crunchy almond pastry & raspberry preserves.

White Wedding Cake 
with Preserves

Traditional white wedding cake layered with buttercream in a
variety of flavors. The cake may also be layered with either
raspberry, strawberry, or apricot preserves.


Chambord Gateau

Made with with either our white cake or rich chocolate cake soaked with raspberry liqueur& layered with a fresh raspberry buttercream.


Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Torte

Layers of chocolate cake, Belgian chocolate truffle filling & raspberry preserves


Galician Almond Cake

This gluten free cake can be layered with any variation of fillings, from simple Amaretto buttercream to chocolate ganache or Apricot preserves with a Rum buttercream.


Hazelnut Trio Torte

Hazelnut sponge cake & hazelnut meringue layered with praline
buttercream & Belgian chocolate truffle filling.


Lemon Gateau

Lemon butter cake may be layered with fresh lemon buttercream, vanilla buttercream or lemon curd.


Mocha Walnut Torte

Caramelized walnuts & mocha buttercream are sandwiched between layers of chocolate & white butter cake brushed with espresso.


Dundee Cake

Rich spice cake with currants & golden raisins soaked in rum.
It can also be layered with marzipan in the English tradition.


Orange Passion Fruit

Orange cake brushed with a light Orange Rum syrup & layered with a passion fruit cream.


Funfetti Cake

Made from scratch and layered with vanilla buttercream or your choice of filling.


Chocolate Praline Torte

Layers of chocolate cake, baked nut meringue, praline buttercream
& Belgian chocolate truffle filling.


Peach Melba

Vanilla cake layered with raspberry preserves, raspberry buttercream and chopped peaches.







Grandma's Chocolate Cake

Rich chocolate cake with chocolate or coffee buttercream.


Fresh Strawberry Torte

White butter cake layered with fresh strawberries
& either Grand Marnier or Amaretto buttercream.


Chocolate Grand

Marnier Torte

Chocolate cake layered with orange marmalade, Belgian chocolate & Grand Marnier buttercream.

Carrot Cake

With cream cheese icing.


Red Velvet Cake

With cream cheese icing